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Pain Management Specialist

As long as humans have known pain, they have given explanations for its existence and sought soothing agents to dull or cease the painful sensation. Interventional Pain Management or Pain Medicineis a branch of medicine that involves providing comprehensive pain management including the use of various non-surgical minimally invasive techniques to manage a patient’s pain through direct interaction with the specified areas of interest.

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Back Pain and Sciatica

Low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability globally. About 80% of adults experience low back pain at some point during their lifetimes. Symptoms range...

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Neck and Arm Pain

Neck pain is a common problem with two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain may arise due to muscular tightness in both the neck...

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Neuropathic Pain

Pain arising from damage or improper functioning of nerves is termed as neuropathic pain. It may present as burning, shooting or electric shock like pain. This pain is usually...

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Dr. Saipriya Tewari

MBBS, MD, PDCC (Pain Management), Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) (WIP USA)

I am presently working as a Pain Consultant at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, New Delhi. I completed my training in Anesthesia, and then went on to pursue a fellowship in Pain Management (PDCC) from SGPGIMS, Lucknow.

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  • I had a great experience with Dr. Saipriya Tewari, all her team members. All the staff is polite, always ready to help and definitely we get positive energy once you enter there. Thank you Doc for make my father pain free. He was having terrible knee pain and was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. He was advised Knee Replacement at two hospitals in Delhi. Thanks to Dr. Saipriya Tiwari and team, he can now walk and do his all daily activities without pain. Will surely recommended Dr. Saipriya Tiwari

    Mr. Vishnu

  • As I was suffering from lower back pain for the last one month it was very painful than one of my friend suggest me to Dr. Saipriya, i visited to Dr. Saipriya Tiwari who is the pain specialist in Dwarka. The doctor diagnosed the problem and advised appropriate therapy. After a few days of the physiotherapy I started feeling much better, thanks to Dr. Saipriya who advised the right exercises based on my pain factor and condition and slowly helped with recovery. We are happy with the approach and overall friendly nature of all staff. Cheers to Dr. Saipriya for healing the pain and improving lives ..

    Mr. Alok

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    Do You Need To Visit A Pain Clinic?

    September 20, 2021

    Do you have a persistent pain that has been bothering you for far too long? It may well be the time to visit a Pain Clinic. Who am I meeting in a Pain Clinic? Pain Clinics are usually run by highly trained Interventional Pain Specialists. Who exactly is an Interventional pain specialist? As the field of medicine learns more about the complexities of pain, it has become more important to have physicians with specialized knowledge and skills to treat these conditions. An interventional pain specialist is a trained Anaesthesiologist wi...

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    FENTANYL PATCH: A Patient’s guide

    FENTANYL PATCH: A Patient’s guide

    September 20, 2021

    This patch contains a medicine called Fentanyl. It belongs to a strong group of painkillers called opioid analgesics. It is commonly used to manage cancer pain.

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    What is Palliative & Supportive Care?

    What is Palliative & Supportive Care?

    May 06, 2021

    The physical and emotional effects of cancer and its treatment may be very different from person to person. Palliative & Supportive care is specialized medical care that can address a broad range of such issues, integrating an individual’s specific needs into care. It aims to provide symptom relief and improve the quality of life for both patients and their families, irrespective of the diagnosis or stage of the disease.

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